Stickers take 35+ Seconds to stop Ranging

Hi, Not sure if this belongs here so my apologies in advance If I got it wrong!.

I’m implementing Beacons & Stickers/Nearables into an app for the company I work at, as a way of testing, I turn the bluetooth on my device off when I am testing the Stickers (As there are no flip to sleep functions).

However, In doing this, My App records that the stickers keep firing the nearableManager:didRangeNearables event for at least 35 seconds after.

Is there anything that can be done to cut down this time?

I am doing this with the following code

var nearableManager: ESTNearableManager = ESTNearableManager();

override func viewDidLoad() {

func nearableManager(manager: ESTNearableManager!, didRangeNearables nearables: [AnyObject]!, withType type: ESTNearableType) {
let date = NSDate().timeIntervalSince1970;

    var beaconsDebug = "✅[\(date)]Nearable|";
    var count = 0;
    for (nearable) in nearables as! [ESTNearable]! {
        //Get Nearable ID
        var motionStr = nearable.isMoving ? "IN MOTION💹": "";
        beaconsDebug = beaconsDebug + "["+nearable.identifier+"|\(nearable.rssi)|\(motionStr)]";
    if(count > 0) {

(Image above shows detected Beacons and Stickers (Newest on the top))


Oh wow, interesting. Our SDK is built on top of the iOS’s Bluetooth API, so it looks like iOS keeps delivering Bluetooth scan results to the SDK even after you turn Bluetooth off. :open_mouth:

We’ll investigate—but frankly, this might be worth bringing up with Apple itself. Would you be willing to send them a bug report?

Hi, Sorry for my late reply, been on a bad internet connection all week :sweat:

While I am knowledgeable with the Estimote SDK and it’s side of things, I have no idea how Bluetooth works in the core sense, and thus, no idea what to say to Apple concerning this issue.