Nearables Stop Broadcasting


It seems that Nearables stop broadcasting if they’re still for more than about 30 seconds. Is this true? This would mean that it would be impossible to check if you moved away from a stationary sticker …

They slow down their broadcasting when still, but they don’t stop broadcasting completely. For example, if your stickers are on the default ~ 2500 ms adv interval, they’ll broadcast every 1250 ms when in motion, and revert to the 2500 interval after they stop moving for some time.

If you want, you could try lowering the advertising interval, e.g., to 1000 ms (500 ms when in motion), see if that helps. Just keep in mind this means their battery will drain faster.

Hi Piotr

Many thanks for the swift (!) reply.

Perhaps there is something wrong with my sticker then.

If I use the Estimate app and click the Devices function, the sticker shows up on the scanner once I move it. But after 60 seconds (yes, I hadn’t timed it properly before) it disappears from the radar and does not re-appear until I move it again.

If, in my own app, I use something like:

func nearableManager(manager: ESTNearableManager, didRangeNearables test:[ESTNearable] , withType typeTest:ESTNearableType) {
for member in test {

the same thing happens. The rssi is printed as expected for 60 seconds and then stops until I shake the sticker again.

Any ideas?

Best, David

Extra info … I’ve got text assigned to ‘NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription’ in the Info.plist, I’m starting things off with ‘self.nearableManager.startRangingForType(ESTNearableType.All)’ and I don’t need to invoke ‘requestAlwaysAuthorization’ because the nearableManager does this for me (right?) and the app is always running in the foreground.

And, the Estimote app loses the sticker on the radar after the same amount of time and I’ve checked that in Privacy>Location Services - definitely ‘Always’.