Stickers firmware update

Hi all,

I’m trying to monitor motion changes in stickers. At first sight, results are not very overwhelming but I’m not sure if it’s because of the sensitivity of the sensors or the sampling frequency they have (>1s). I’ve seen that I can modify some parameters of this sampling. However, it requires a higher version of the firmware.

I’ve tried to install it using both Android and IOS app and in both cases I’ve been unable to update it. In Android I just don’t have any option for this. In iOS, it tries to get the information of the stickers OS for a long time and it finally outputs “n/a”.

How can I proceed?

Thanks in advance

An answer to this question would be great. My stickers have firmware version 1.1.0. I would like to set the packet to Motion Only, which requires version 1.2.0.


I am using the Android app and I cannot see how to do this through that. Connecting doesn’t do it. Also, the app offers different options for Transmission Interval than the cloud web interface, which adds to the confusion.


I’ve been able to update the firmware on stickers using the iOS app to the latest. I personally have not been able to find the firmware option on the Android app - not sure whether it is unavailable or in a different place.

I was unable to update the firmware on either my beacons or my stickers using the iOS app on my iPad. I do not have an iPhone. I am getting ready to deploy a solution with 100 stickers, but I will have to look for another vendor if I need an iPhone to update firmware. This is bullshit, and so is the support.

Open the app, go to Beacons (lower left corner of item in app) -> list view -> click on the beacon (you must be logged into the estimote cloud with the email address that owns the beacon). Scroll down, and in the Device Details section, there should be a firmware version listed. Current max is “Nearables OS SA1.3.0”, but if you don’t have that version, there should be some kind of indicator on it, and you should be able to click on it to start the firmware update IIRC.