Is it possible to update the firmware of Nearables?

Hello, Just wondering if it’s possible to update the firmware on Stickers/Nearables?

I have two sets of stickers, the first set that we received are running Nearables OS SA1.0.0

The second set we have runs Nearables OS SA1.0.1

My Reason for this is that SA1.0.1 Nearables seem to be alot more stable at detecting the orientation of the beacon, and hence if it’s in motion, then the SA1.0.0 Nearables, and if this was the result of a newer firmware, I’d like to update my old set.

I’ve currently checked the Estimote App and the Examples app in the SDK for a way to update the Nearables, to no avail.


SA1.0.0 and SA1.0.1 are most exactly the same; the latter slightly changes the way that the battery voltage is reported. We haven’t thought that warrants enabling firmware update yet. We’ll release a major update to the stickers’ firmware soon(ish), and that’s when we’ll enable firmware updates.

The firmware version shouldn’t affect the orientation detection. Can you tell us a bit more about how exactly its behavior differs between the two sets of stickers you have? If you could also private-message me your order numbers, I’ll double check the hardware versions of your stickers, see if there could be anything in there.

Thanks for your reply,

The issue I am having with the older stickers we have (running the SA1.0.0 firmware), is that when I first launch an app (Be it one I have made or the Estimote App), Motion on the sticker is not registered, When I enter the ‘Nearable in Motion’ screen, the moment I move it for the first time I get the sticker orientation of unknown. I must then put down the sticker and wait a few seconds before it detects it was in motion, and then detects that it’s still.

After this, it usually works fine, but sometimes loses the Sticker Orientation and repeats the process.

This issue is consistently occurring for our older Stickers

The following Video is a recording of the Estimote App when I initially moved a sticker.

The newer stickers we have (running the SA1.0.1 firmware) do not seem to demonstrate this issue.

The App I am writing requires motion on Beacons/Stickers to be detected quickly in order to be useful, this we can do with Estimote Beacons (Thanks to Motion UUID), and the newer Stickers we have.


  • Greg

Thanks so much for the video, it’s super helpful!

Do you also see this behavior in your own app? Trying to establish if this could be a problem with the SDK or our Estimote app. Any chance you have some Android device at hand and could check if it also experiences the same issue?

Yes, My app relies on Motion to be detected on a sticker for an event to fire,

When I first launch the app, then move a sticker, nothing happens (The Sticker is not reported to be in motion).

Once I place the sticker down though, and give it a few seconds, it will state that it’s in motion for about 2 seconds, before obtaining it’s correct state.

I’ll have to source an Android device, but I’ll let you know the results when I can.
(Update: I have tested this with an Android Device and can confirm that the issue exists there too)

Thanks—if the problem is both with Android and iOS, then it’s likely something wrong with the stickers themselves. Please shoot us a message to and we’ll arrange a replacement.