Please update stickers to support Eddystone!

@Wojtekb already confirmed on twitter that there are no plans to update sticker firmware to support Eddystone. Just wanted to register my interest and see if the community would also like it.

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I certainly would support such a move. Either they need to support Eddystone, or open the Nearables protocol API, provide documentation etc. .

We’re actually working on documenting the Nearable protocol, so stay tuned (:

Also, just to clarify, Wojtek mentioned there are no such plans for the immediate future, but our long-term vision is, both beacons and stickers are just hardware, on top of which a single “Estimote Firmware” is run. And with that firmware, you can set your beacons to broadcast whatever packet you want—e.g., beacons broadcasting Nearable, stickers broadcasting Eddystone, or broadcasting multiple packets, etc. That’s gonna take time to develop though.

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I know this is an old conversation, but did you have any progress documenting the Nearable protocol?
I wanted to be able to use this protocol in other platforms, but failed to find any way to do it.

Not much progress, embarrassingly :slight_smile:

But node-bleacon guys have managed to rev-eng it by decompiling our Android SDK, so maybe you’ll find their JavaScript Nearable parser helpful: