So many exit messages!

I have an app where I give beacons to employees and tracking them when they enter or exit specific locations . When they exit, i sent notifications to their managers. However after they enter the room, I keep getting exit events even they are still in the room, which causes me sending false notifications.
Any recommendations about what might be going wrong?

Hi @eyuksek2000,

I think you have exit notifications because there is signal losing due to environment constraints (wall, physical perturbation…). Can you add a “guard-time” before the notification is sent?

You decide to put a 10 seconds guard-time.

  1. the employee enters the region you defined,
  2. beacon’s signal is lost during 1, 2, 3 and 4 seconds,
  3. the signal link is reestablished at the 5th second,
  4. the employee really leaves the region,
  5. after 10 seconds without re-entering you consider that the employee is out: you send the exit notification.

Hi @Ximun,
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes we have 40 seconds guard time actually. I am thinking this should be long enough however we are still getting exits so it means we lose signals for more than 40 seconds sometimes. Is that normal?


I personally never tried to monitor a region, hope an Estimote staff member could help us :frowning: