Time to trigger 'Exit' event

I am developing with both iOS and Android. App takes some time to detect exit event of the region.

Stimulated the exit event with flip to off mode. But the exit event triggers 15,20 secs after flipping the beacon. However, enter event is observed as soon as I restore the beacon to normal position.

Is there any way that we can get the exit event very soon?

Already tried with following :


Hi @sabih.ahmed,

the “guard-time” of 15~20 seconds seems not to be adjustable, from Estimote tutorial:

Important: Once the beacon is out of range, it still
takes iOS about 30 seconds to truly recognize that fact. This built-in,
non-adjustable delay is there to prevent false “exit” events, e.g., when
a crowd temporarily obstructs the beacon and it stops being detectable
for a few seconds.

Tip: The easiest way to check if we’re already
“formally” outside and ready to trigger an “enter” is to lock the
device, then go to the lock screen and see if the app icon is still
showing. If it doesn’t, we’re good. If it does, just lock the device
again, wait a few more seconds, then repeat.

Testing “enter” events involves making sure you’re “outside” the region.
Enabling “flip to sleep” makes it easy to simulate going out of range.
“Enter” events take up to a few seconds to trigger, while “exit” events
take up to 30 seconds.