How to use multiple beacons to detect if the user has left the beacon region?

Here is our scenario:

We plan to setup around 4 beacons in huge room (i.e. like a department store). Once the user goes in the room, the application will notify the user, "Welcome to our shop!". When the user leaves the room, the application will then notify the user, "Please come again!". The reason why we plan to place 4 beacons is that to make sure that while the beacons are in range with the device, we can make sure that the user is really still in the room. (Our worry is the user might still be in the room and the notification for saying "Please come again!" appears.)

We would like to know if it is possible to code that if the mobile device could not scan for all the beacons, the user has already left the regions and the device will send a local notification.

Hi Cara,

Thanks for your question. Normally the notification after the user exit the region appears after 30 sec. It's a part of Apple specification implemented to not spam the users while they are on the boarder of range.

Does that solve your problem?