Monitoring issue in Enter and exit event


I need event for user enter in range and exit from range.To get Enter and exit notification in android device I have Used beaconManager.setMonitoringListener from Latest sdk:1.0.2 but I am getting repeatedly Enter and exit event. if my phone is near to beacon still getting exit event.
can you please give me technical solution for resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance.
Vishnu Purohit

You should use

beaconManager.setRegionExitExpiration(long period)

and try with higher ‘period’ values. for example 2000ms

Hi Vishnu,

I advise you to try the same with the 1.0.1 SDK version, because 1.0.2 is 7 days old and they are maybe bugs not fixed…

Thank you for quick response,
Still I am getting same issue.
I have used beaconManager.setRegionExitExpiration(2000);
I also tried with older SDKs.