Notification Demo Bug

Hi :)

I just test the Notification demo app and i have a issue. When i enter in the region i have the notification and when i exit the region i have it to.
But, if i let the iphone next to the Estimote Beacon for 2- 3 minutes, i have the exit notification whereas the iphone and the Beacons are very closer.

Can you help me ?



About which Notification Demo are you talking?

Virtual Beacon Demo App?
Feature of Cloud Demo?
Our SDK?

Please let me know!

Hi !
I download your sdk and i'm talking about the "NotificationDemo" app on it :)

Hi Paul,

I sent you an e-mail on this issue.


Can I get the solution to this as well? I am facing this issue too. Thanks.



Can I get an answer please?

Wow. Support on this site is the worst. Will not recommend Estimote to my company.

Hi John,

I'm sincerely sorry we missed your question earlier, but the system is not perfect and it happens sometimes.

Upgrading your device to iOS 7.1 helped in all of the cases that we are aware of. Please let me know if it worked for you as well.

I can't get this notification demo(sdk sample) to work. I've upgraded the firmware on my beacons and restarted the device as well? Anything I'm missing.

Hi Alex,

Could you elaborate on that? If you don't get any notifications, please keep in mind that you need to stay out of the range of the beacons slightly longer, as exit notifications are delayed by default.


Hi Wojteck. The events didEnterRegion and didExitRegion never get called somehow. I've walked away from the beacon as far as I could :-) This happens in the demo app from the SDK.

Hi again,

Can you copy your code? I'll have our devs take a look at that.


it's the sample app I downloaded from GitHub.

Hi Wojtek. Anything else I can check on my device or the beacons on my issue?
I was hoping to demo this to our senior executives soon.

Again I am trying to get the Notification demo example on the SDK from Github.
(didEnter and didExitRegion doesn't seem to be called).

Can someone respond at least? Anybody else who can help?

Hi Alex,

I'm sorry for the delay. We are checking this issue with our developers and we'll get back to you as soon as we learn anything. Thank you for your patience.

Hi there,

Alex, the issue has already been reported to our developers. However, after the recent update it's hectic here with all the tweaks and improvements that got to be rolled out, so sorry that we keep you waiting. Will come back to you as soon as it's investigated further.


Hi Alex,

It might be caused by a n iOS 7.1 bug. Apple should issue a fix soon.