Screen from Stickers promo video

Hi Estimote team,

In your latest promo video about the Estimote Stickers, you showcase a use case with a TV screen in a retail environment (see video The app running on the screen detects the movement and displays relevant information.

What do you suggest drives the screen behind the scenes? My first instinct would be an OS X app running on a Mac Mini, but OS X doesn't have the same Core Location APIs for iBeacon (it does have CoreBluetooth/CBCentralManager, but this doesn't work properly for ranging/region monitoring).

With this in mind, it would have to be an iOS device. So something like an iPad hooked up the big screen? How do you guys see this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the late reply! The easiest way to achieve that is through use of any iBeacon-compatible mobile device hooked up to the television set through Apple TV, Chromecast or something similar. Technically, Smart TVs could also be monitoring for beacons themselves, but that would require tv set supporting Bluetooth Smart.