Detecting Stickers without being connected to them

Hi, I am new to using these stickers and was attempting to figure out if there was a way to intercept the unique identifier, and other properties if possible, that are broadcast out within nearable packets. This is also assuming the device I am sniffing on is not connected to the sticker.

I have done some research and it has led me to this node.js library, node-bleacon.

Should I continue to use the node-bleacon library, or is there an easier way to go about this?

Hi @Residings,

it seems to me that the Estimote Stickers only broadcast their iBeacon frame when they are moved.
Did you tried with a simple Android/iOS application shaking the beacon?

I have tried shaking the stickers and I can identify them within the iOS application.

My question is if there is someway, from my desktop, to see the nearby stickers? It would be used to passively monitor properties regarding the stickers from my computer.

I never tried to use my computer to interact with the beacons, I only focus on mobile devices :frowning:

@Ximun also, are you sure the Estimote Stickers only broadcast iBeacons when in motion?

This article seems to state they broadcast out every 5 seconds.

Oh yes you’re right, it seems that the iBeacon packets can be broadcast everytime…

I personnaly don’t own any stickers, I never tested them :sweat_smile: