Android iBeacon tutorial and Estimote Stickers

I am trying to run the application on android device. All I can see is “Hello World” instead of any message coded in the program. My nearable is on and I can see it on the Estimate app on the same device. Any ideas on what I should be looking for? I have updated the UIID, Major and Minor, copy pasted from Estimate Cloud, so don’t think that is wrong.

The tutorial doesn’t actually have any UI—we don’t want to teach your Android UI development, but instead want to focus on adding beacons to your app, so we skipped the UI part.

If your app is working correctly, you should be seeing messages in the Android Studio console, and there should also be a notification showing when you enter the range of your sticker.

That is though, for Estimote Stickers, we recommend using “nearable discovery” instead of iBeacon ranging/monitoring. We don’t yet have a tutorial for that on Android, but here’s a code snippet that should get you started: