Beacon and Video

I am new to the Beacon world. What I am looking to do is put a beacon on a product. And once this product is picked up a trigger is sent to a device that is connected to a LED monitor. Once the beacon is picked up it will begin to play that specific video for that product.

I am not sure if this has been answered previously or asked. If it has I do apologize and if you can point me in the direction to get this answered it would be great.

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You could attach Estimote Stickers to the products in question. Stickers broadcast their motion status, so it’s easy to detect when the object’s been picked up. Then, you could have an Android or iOS device next to the TV, and write a simple app that’d listen for the sticker to start moving, and if it does, stream the video to the TV via Chromecast or AirPlay.

Since I understand this goal could be now achieved with the new Video Beacons, as described here:
Could you please confirm?

If so, how video beacon is configured to listen certain stickers and which content to show when movement is detected? Is it done by or some lines of code must be written?