RMA process for faulty devices?

I have the 3 devices below that seems to be faulty :

… could you give me your RMA process so you can check on your side ?


Hi there, Yann!

Of course we’ll provide replacements in case the devices are faulty.

What seems to be the problem with the devices? Please describe your use-case and the issue you’re experiencing, and I’ll look into it. Feel free to respond here, or drop me a pm!

Hi Timo,

Thks for your reply

Below the status on the 3 devices:

  1. fe257d58d99b6047bf1141f748282837

Got this error on the log … even if the SIM is correctly plugged

[09:37:09] Successfully sent compiled Micro App code to the LTE Beacon

[09:37:09] DeviceId is : fe257d58d99b6047bf1141f748282837

[09:37:10] App started successfully

[09:37:10] Tech changed to GSM_LTE

[09:37:28] Modem getStatus Error Error: ESR0405 :link: SIM card error/missing

  1. 292a4d14374cea0554d2631dc21eb301

Cannot Scan this device in BLE … not discovered

  1. 049e5ad322f16e0384acf0c5db5e0119

Cannot Scan this device in BLE … not discovered

Let me know

Hi Timo,

Can you give me the shipping address please ?


Hi again,

Where are the devices located? Are they all in France?

Have you tried rebooting them via a micro-app?


Yes they are located in France.

We have tried the reboot … unsuccessfully.

Can you give me the adress where I can ship those 3 devices ?

Thks a lot

Hi again,

Thanks. There’s just a couple more questions I’d like to ask before we go forward.

Have you tried re-inserting the sim card? The Beacon shell can be quite easily taken off in order to get access to the sim card.

Have you made sure to charge the devices you’re unable to detect? How are you trying to detect them: what packets have you programmed them to broadcast? What is it exactly you’re using them for?

Are you using these 3 beacons in the same setup as the rest?


Hi Timo

Unnfortunately Yes to all your points

I Have actually 12 LTE Beacons with the same setup … got the issue only on those 3 :frowning:

Let me know

Hi Timo
Possible to close this point … where can I ship those 3 devices ?
Let me know


As I still don’t get any reply, please be inform that I have sent the 3 faulty device at the following address:

Repair Center
Krakusa 11,
30-535 Kraków,

Hope somebody will take care and let me know.


A return merchandise authorization (RMA), return authorization (RA) or return goods authorization (RGA) is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the product’s warranty period.
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