Claim Failed due to Bluetooth Problem

Hello there, my name is Sigifredo and I work as a Mechatronics Engineer @Nemak Mexico. I am currently in charge of implementing technology like Estimote’s but for the automotive industry purposes.

I just received my Development Kits with 6 beacons in total, but the blue beacons (Icy Marshmallow) are not working, I cannot claim them

would you please help me? I already tried:

  1. pressing the beacon
  2. replacing the battery

and nothing seems to work, but the other 4 are working perfectly

It is really urgent because I need to present this technology to my boss.

Thank you

Cheers from Mexico!

Sorry to hear about, apologies for the trouble ):

Can you private-message me the MAC address, UUID, Major, and Minor of the two beacons, as shown in the app, on the Beacon Details screen? Or, you can just make a screenshot with these values, and send that to me. We’ll look into it ASAP!