Reduce the power of an Estimote

Is it possible to reduce the power of an estimote?

What I would like to achieve is to have several estimotes in a confined space, say a room, and on one corner have an estimote and on the other corner another estimote.

I know you could do something like this on the app side, comparing the intensity of the signals, but the technical problem is that once you are ranging beacons the background process of an iOS device is triggered, but for a reduce amount of time, so if you don't move fast enough, then you won't get close enough to the beacon in time. But if the beacon signal was so weak that it would only trigger an in-range event, then it would work.

Think of an RFID/NFC alternative, where interaction occurs at a distance of 5cms aprox.

You can change the range by changing the TxPower. Please read more here:

Let me know, if that solves your issue.

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

One question though, anyone with this app can change any estimote configuration, any chance of adding some kind of security?


Hi Nicolas,

Beacon security will be improved along with our Estimote Cloud release.