Estimote Monitoring and signal strength

We currently use the default values of Broadcast Power, RSSI, Measured Power (constant) for the Proximity beacons.
The Estimote Proximity SDK allows us to create different zones at different distances to trigger an interaction with our app, e.g. at 5m the app shows that you are in the shoe section. This trigger-distance works quite “accurately” for us.
Question: will changing Broadcast Power, etc. affect the default Estimote Proximity calibration, i.e. 5m is no longer at 5m?

Hi @TC_Chia Generally yes, you will see a moderate decrease of accuracy as you increase the power strength.

Jess from Team Estimote

Hi Jess,

Looking at the IOS Estimote app, under Broadcasting, there are (1) Estimote Monitoring, (2) Estimote Indoor Location, and (3) Estimote Telemetry broadcast packet types.
Under (1) Estimote Monitoring, the Transmit Power (Tx) is set as Normal (-4dBm).

In Estimote Cloud, there is a Broadcast Packets / Connection with a Broadcasting Power parameter (this is the one I changed). This does not have the same value as the Estimote Monitoring Transmit Power in the app (beacon has been updated by the app).

  1. It seems that Estimote Monitoring Transmit Power cannot be changed via the Cloud.
  2. It is different from the Cloud Broadcast Packets power (in one of the blogs, it is mentioned “Estimote Connection allows you to connect to a beacon and change its settings. You cannot turn it off.”)
  3. Can I assume that they are different packets and Estimote Monitoring ranging distance will not be affected by changes in the Cloud Connection Broadcast Power?

Apologies for the long-windedness :grinning: