Beacon Power Utilization - better strategies?

Hi ,

We are building an app for a retail application using iOS and Estimote beacons.

Few challenges in the batter power consumption that impacts the acceptance of Estimote beacon as an acceptable solution/product are :

(1) There is no way to put the beacons to ‘Sleep’ - programmatically without someone going to each beacon location and flipping it over. While this may sound doable , this is not something that can scale as this requires human intervention every time to flip it ON/OFF.

(2) Does Estimote offer any feature that I can configure/customize - so that the beacon signal strength can be reduced to a minimal level ( example between 10pm and 6am when my retail is closed ) ?

(3) Can I modify any other parameters similar to signal strength in an " Automated" way ?

Any ideas other than asking someone to login to Estimote and update the settings of ‘n’ beacons would be a meaningful response to this question.

Let me know if need more details .


All Estimote Beacons ship with our patent-pending Smart Power Mode enabled. This mode automatically turns down beacon’s advertising frequency when there are no devices around the beacon, scanning for it. This is much better than hard-coded “sleep time” hours, because it’ll also automatically enable energy saving on the beacon e.g. during holidays, or off-peak hours when there are no customers walking around the beacon.

Our new Location Beacons also offer a “Dark to Sleep” mode—thanks to the ambient light sensor, you can have the beacon turn itself off when the light level goes below a configurable threshold.

Not to mention that Location Beacons, even without Smart Power Mode and Dark to Sleep, offer 7-year battery lifetime out of the box, with the default settings, and 2-3 year lifetime with maximum settings.

And—if you really want it :wink:—Location Beacons can also be programmed to turn themselves off during pre-configured hours.

It is great to know that you have a solution available for power saving. Appreciated.

However , I am running into the following challenges :

At any time I am not able to update " both" Basic Battery Saving AND Smart Batter Saving to " ON"

If I set one of them ON , the other one changes to “OFF” when the pending changes are pushed to the beacons.

The documentation states that " both" these features can be set to " ON" concurrently.

Is this a bug ? If so , can you provide a workaround ?

I am using Estimote app on iPad to sync the changes with my beacon ( if that would influence this outcome in anyways )


Can you try using the app itself to change the settings? That is, open the app, tap on the beacon, wait for it to connect, go to “remaining battery life” section, and enable both modes.

Thanks , I was able to update both modes through the app. Please close this thread.