Recommend app developers?

Hi I'm looking to create some Pilot beacon apps.. can you recommend some devs with experience for this?

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Hi David,

We've been working with Estimotes for a year or so and have worked on some interesting pilot projects along the way. This link gives an overview of the sort of things we have been working on.

We'd love to help with any projects you are working on. Contact us via the link above.



Hi David

We are also doing a lot of work with beacons at the moment and have created several applications. If you want to speak further please contact us via



Hi David,

Wrote an email to you



Hi David,

We have developed application and mobile app that supports android kitkat .You can relay message via estimote beacon from our application to the moble app.Any kind of customised message whether its text or HTML message you can send.

If you are interested in DEMO i can arrange same for you.

Piggy backing on David's thread, I'm also looking for good iBeacon app developers.

Hi Joey

As I said to David, we are doing a lot of work with beacons right now and would love to help with any projects you have in mind. Contact us via if you would like some assistance.



Hi Joey,

Would be interested in discussing your idea, let me know how we can connect?



FYI, our app already featured on Estimote community

Maybe contractors should constrain their answer to one response. ;)