[For Hire] London based developer with Estimote experience

My name is Tom and I’m a freelancer developer based in East London.

I have worked with iOS and Android Estimote SDK and I am currently building my own product that uses Estimote Beacons, so I have first hand experience with the challenges in deploying and managing beacons.

I am a full stack developer, so I can create end to end solutions, both app and backend.

I love a challenge, so if you’re looking for a developer to build a proof of concept of a fully rounded product, please get in touch.


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We are looking for a freelance app developer to assist with app development. We are focusing on ibeacon apps, but may also have general app dev work too. Let me know if you are interested in talking.


Dear Joe,

I have sent you and email with the details. Please have a look and revert back.

For your reference my email is: naren@softwebsolutions.com


Hi Tom,

Are you still looking for iBeacon developer??

We are team of experienced Mobile and Web developers and we have worked on iBeacon functions.

Let me know if we can have words on call or you use Skype.

you can reach me at neha@tanzaniteinfotech.com

Looking forward your revert.


Robin Saras


Hope you are doing good!

I have sent you an email with the information. Please have a look and revert back.

Thanks & Regards,
Naren Patidar
Softweb Solutions Inc.

Hi Tom, are you still for hire for an estimote POC? I have a larger us based client with 5,000 locations and they are looking for a POC that could lead to a bigger contract.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in responding. Estimote suspended my account.

I am still available, but I only have a few hours (~10) a week to dedicate to any new projects at this time.

Could you give me a brief outline and your desired timeline so I can gauge if it’s something I could complete for you.


Hello Bryan,

I found that your request exactly in terms of our expertise and interests. I am immediately available for your client’s estimote POC & am ready to work 30-40 hrs/week.

Please take a look on below links, following apps has the custom beacon management web admin panel to manage beacon’s contents, notifications as well as beacon analytics data.

Restaurant App:

Consumer Side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6j98gdzx0p7kf7d/Customer.mp4?dl=0
Vendor Side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0glphemedfxf44/Vendor.mp4?dl=0

Museum App:

Beacon & content Management:

Yeah, I do have developed the native apps with beacons for different business cases as follows.

– Parking
– Museum
– Stadium / concert hall
– Exhibition
– Office
– Shops (indoor and outdoor)

Most of these use the Estimote SDK, however i have already created couple of full beacon management systems and customized SDKs for different development needs that can work with almost any beacons.

I would like to get on a call with you to discuss further on this opportunity and provide you a helping hand in achieving this.

You can catch me at
Skype: canopusinfosystems.sales
W: http://canopusinfosystems.com/

Gaurav Goyal
Senior Mobile Architect


I’m working on a science fair project and am working off of a grant. Can you please contact me at basebalboyg@gmail.com

Hello Bryan,

This is Kirtan from Whitelotus Corporation. I will keep this very short. I have a ready made product named ‘Spotnify’ which means Spot Notifications if you are interested to explore. www.spotnify.com. Attached is document that talks about it.

Please feel free to contact me. We can surely develop a new customized app for your requirement or talk about how Spotnify can be used.

My email: kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com
Skype: whitelotuscorp


Kirtan Thaker

Hello Tom: I am looking for a developer to help me integrate beacon’s into a demo app that I need to create. I just ordered the Estimote beacons and stickers and need to create a demo space in my office. I develop mobile apps (www.yourapplab.com) need some help with integration re: the beacons. This is our first step to selling this technology, getting a demo space up and running so potential clients understand how these function and how they can be applied. I have several local businesses interested in using these, just need help with implementation into an app we would build. Our platform can publish to both android and iOS at the same time. Please let me know if you have an interest in working with me and we can move forward accordingly. I’m happy to pay fairly for your services. Many Thanks, Brad Davis brad@yourapplab.com

Hi Tom,

Are you still freelancing?
I’m a uni student in London working on a project and I need my app design to be prototyped using Estimotes, contact me if you’re still available:

Kind regards

Tom, i am looking for experience develop for an app, please if have availability contact me ginoj@tonexp.com

hii tom,
can you plz help me out about beacon and their management ?

Hi Tom, Please do let me have your email and we can connect up. We are looking for a developer to build a proof of concept for a BLE Beacon project. Regards, Rashmin, Bangalore, INDIA, rashmin.perla@audio-cafe.com


If you still have that client handy, then i am available to help you. Contact me at mayur@tasolglobal.com