Ranging 100 beacons in a big room


What I would like to achieve(if possible):
There’s a big room(concert venue, church etc, so no walls interference) with 100 people in it. Every person wears a wristband with a beacon(or sticker). Designate an interest area(let’s say 10x10 meters) in one part which will be empty(no objects/obstacles). We would like to detect if the beacons are IN or OUT that area(a max deviation of 2m should be fine).

How I would like to achieve it:
Around the interest area we “stick” on the ceiling(rooms will have 3-4m height) 3 smartphones running Android over which we have full control(can be rooted, unlimited battery life). The smartphones will range(not monitor) simultaneously for all the beacons and push their location to a server which will decide via trilateration algorithm if a beacon is IN or OUT.

Obstacles - Interference
Since the interest area will be empty, I am more interested in the interference with the other beacons. In a worst case scenario, all 100 people may be in the designated area. This means the beacons will be in close proximity to each other (from 20cm to 1m).


  1. Do you think I am trying to push too much the beacon technology? Are beacons not my solution for the described problem?
  2. Since I can range every minute or two, changing the advertising interval to different values for the beacons will reduce signal collision? Is this on option?
  3. Since I don’t have the funds to do this kind of test, how much do you think interferences between beacons(or stickers) would affect the range feature?
  4. Does anybody has experience with this high density of beacons in a small confined space?

I hope this idea is not too bold. :smile:

Hi @arghi,

Cool idea!

Beacons were not designed for the exact positioning. It’ll be really hard to tell if a beacon is in the area with the 2 meter deviation. Also 100 people is a strong interference with the Bluetooth signal and that might reduce the accuracy.

Changing advertising interval may improve accuracy but it won’t reduce signal collision.

Beacons will not interfere with each other. The bigger problem is an environment - people, obstacles, materials.
Please read this blogpost to get more info.

We’re working on our Indoor Location SDK but it works the other way around. People with mobile devices position themselves in a room. You can read more about it here: Estimote products For now it only works with iOS.

Thanks for the clarifications.

In my app, I’d also like to know if the beacon is moving and the acceleration. I know from other posts that motion values in X, Y, Z are accessible on sticker only. Since I have to use Adroid SDK, I have 2 more questions:

  1. If I place an order for stickers the following days, could you estimate when I might get it shipped?
  2. When might the stickers integration into Android SDK be released?

Meanwhile, I will try using the isMoving() function of the Beacon.

Regarding Android SDK.

We have just released Estimote App in Play Store with support with Nearables. SDK will be available within couple of days.