Beacons range or the broadcasting power (URGENT)

i have created an application for the proximity marketing , now we are testing the system in a big showroom for one of my customers but i am facing an issue in the beacon range , i already configured the broadcasting power to the least , but the range of the beacon still reach more than 5 meters and for some beacons can be detect on 10 meters , how can i make it detected on maximum 1 meter for each beacon so i will not cafe a conflict with 2 or 3 beacons together ,
please help me urgently on this , we already start the POC on the showroom .

thank you …

Hi @aswar,

can you try obfuscating the beacon with a material that can lower the broadcasting range?

thanx a lot for your reply @Ximun

actually i don’t know how to obfuscating the beacon on my case , the showroom is having around 48 unique table, each table is far around 1 meter to 2 meter maximum .
but in the estimote cloud setting the 20 cm till 3 meter is there but it’s not working like that .
Am really suffering with that and the POC might be fail if we could not find a solution by estimote for that .

thank you …

If you can’t lower the range, you will have to use the RSSI to determine the average posititon (aka the nearest beacon).
For example, on Android, you can use the RegionUtils.computeProximity() or the RegionUtils.computeAccuracy().

Hi Aswar,

Would like to know if you found a solution to your problem.


We are also facing same issue tried different materials to reduce signal strength eg. Copper foil & Aluminium foil. if cover fully than it block all signals, but if make even small opening it will detect from far.

Your best bet is to measure rssi off of each beacon and use the lowest rssi as the “closest.” This is rudimentary and won’t always work perfectly because direct path is not always the strongest but it will help solve some of the cases where another beacon is triggering events.