How should I dispose my estimote to achieve my wishes?

Hello devs,

Well I started to develop my ios application but I figured out that… it is a little bit tricky yet.

As you can see on this image my appartment contains multiple rooms and I would like to know who is on which room. And it is really hard because sometime it tells me he is in the living room and 1 sec later it says he is drinking at bar and then again living room …

Is there a way to avoid that ? Placing my beacons differently ? playing with power ? I tried a little bit of all but it’s not really stable yet.

Any suggest is welcome :smile: thank you in advance

Did you build your own app to detect your location? Does it use beacon region monitoring?

I’d definitely start with fine-tuning the Tx power, mostly likely bring it down so that the beacon only encompasses the room it’s in.

@heypiotr yes I use the native ios beacon management system. Based on this video

Is it more accurate to use the estimote sdk ?

I tried to trim the tx power BUT… as you can see corridor have to be powerfull so it is over all other beacons… and then it override also smallest signal it seems… it is really hard to trim. It is written ~3m but I have to touch my beacons to receive a signal.

It is really hard ^^

Estimote SDK builds directly on top of Core Location, so there aren’t any accuracy differences … at least not yet, we’re working on our own algorithms derived from our Indoor Location SDK.

Yeah, that corridor is tricky. Say that you’re standing at the end of the corridor next to the entrance to the living room. The beacon at the bar is likely closer to you than the beacon in the corridor, so no matter how good the accuracy would be, you’ll still get a wrong answer. You might want to consider installing more beacons in the corridor.

As for the overlapping signal, you can add some smoothing/averaging algorithms to your ranging code. In the situation you described, when it says living room, then bar for a second, then back to living room, this is very easy to filter out—for example, during a 30-second window, count which beacon has been registered as the closest one most often, and pick that one.

Okay thank you for those informations. So well I will have to improve my app algorithm like you said but 30 sec is a bit long. I hope I will be able to reduce that time :smile: