Any known interference source to avoid when setup

I plan to use indoor sdk for an interactive installation and have a few concerns before I put in another order:

(1) are there known interference sources I should avoid when placing estimote beacons? for example, would placing it on a studio monitoring speaker affect its performance?

(2) the estimote beacon should work regardless what country it is used in? should work in Germany, right?

(3) for a 8m by 8m square space, how many beacons and in what configuration are needed to achieve an accuracy of 0.5 to 1m?

(4) if the beacon is not attached to the wall, would it still work? for example, if the space is too big, the beacons are placed on custom stands at centers of four imaginary boundaries?

(5) is there a way to get real time update of user’s indoor location from estimote cloud?

Thank you,

Hi Daniel,
thanks for your questions. Here are the answers:
(1) as for every electronic device, heavy source of electromagnetic field might affect the performance. But in everyday applications that shouldn’t cause problems. Please just keep in mind, that for the best performance, beacons should be placed in visible range (avoid obstacles reinforced concrete, which might stop the signal from beacons).

(2) sure, they will work!

(3) Our Indoor accuracy so far can be identified as “desk to desk”. In our 350 square meter office, with 16 beacons, an average accuracy is approx. 4m. Unfortunately, higher accuracy is not available yet, but we are continuously working on improving it :smile:

(4) Indoor Navigation is optimised for beacons being placed on walls (chest height).

(5) Unfortunately not.

Hope that helps! If you have any further questions, just let me know.

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Thank you, Marek.

Regarding (3) I tested in a 4m by 4m space with 4 beacons and with no obstacle, the accuracy looks much better than 4m. It looks like it’s roughly 1m accuracy. For an empty 8m by 8m square space, it should have similar accuracy? If have more than 4 beacons, for example 8, how should I place them?


Hi Daniel,
You are right, sorry for misunderstanding, I gave you details for larger locations. For smaller spaces higher accuracy is of course possible.

In an empty 8x8m space, similar accuracy as in your tests (I’d assume roughly 2m) should be achievable. If your room is square, just place beacons evenly on each wall. Otherwise, if you have an irregular shape, just drop me a room sketch and I will help you with beacon placement.