I have few questions with estimote beacons.

  1. Can you provide any material which contains the meaning of the data in SCAN_RSP packet that the estimote beacon responses?
    (I can see that it contains the Local name, “estimote” and Service UUID and Service Data. But what’s inside the Service UUID and Service Data is what I’m curious about. I’ve figured out that it contains MAC address, Measured Tx Power at 1 meter, minor and major. But some are still ambiguous)

  2. It seems that estimote beacon advertise using ADV_IND (“Connectable undirected advertising event”) PDU type not ADV_NONCONN_IND (“non-connectable undirected advertising event”).
    Can I adjust the estimote beacon to advertise using ADV_NONCONN_IND PDU type?
    If so, is there any manuals you can provide?
    Because I don’t want to let my device send SCAN_REQ packet in response.

  3. If I use estimote beacons for our formal service launching,
    do I have to use your cloud or your SDK?
    do I have to register UUID / Major / Minor value to your server?
    In other words, Is it ok to be the following shape?
    estimote beacon ----> my server ----> my device.

ad.1 — the contents of the advertising packet adheres to the iBeacon specification. Unfortunately, iBeacon is a proprietary protocol of Apple and we can’t share the details :disappointed_relieved:

ad.2 — we don’t have such option at this time; if we’d made it so that the beacon can advertise only non-connectable packets, you wouldn’t be able to connect to it and change its settings.

ad.3 — you can use any SDK that’s iBeacon compatible, but we naturally encourage you to use our SDK to get the most of out Estimote Beacons :blush:

Also, the actual flow looks like this:

estimote beacon ----> my device ----> my server.

i.e. it’s the device which discovers beacons via Bluetooth, and can then consult with an external server.