Identify only Estimote Beacons


Is there any way during monitoring or ranging, identify that beacon is by Estimote or no? I tried to use ESTUtilityManager but didn’t get any callback. I know Android scans only for Estimote beacons for iBeacons, I want to achive the same with iOS ignore other vendors.

If there is any way to achieve that, please share code snippet with me if possible.

P.S. I’m aware of SECURE UDID, but at my case I would like to go without it.


On iOS, it’s impossible to know the beacon vendor from iBeacon scanning—iOS API simply doesn’t expose any data other than the beacon’s UUID, major, minor, RSSI, and proximity estimations.

You can use ESTDeviceManager to detect only Estimote Beacons, but since this is not an iBeacon scanning, you won’t get the UUID/major/minor, only the Estimote Beacon’s identifier instead.

Thank you for fast response. So ESTUtilityManager won’t work? I should use ESTDeviceManager instead? Beacons are regular beacons, (not location based). Hardware version D3.4. Is it possible to scan in background, using background task?

I have encountered to very serious blocking issue regarding Secure UUID, I think it’s bug on Estimote SDK, I tried many use cases. Can we discuss it over chat, or somehow?

ESTUtilityManager will work w/ D3.4, but ESTDeviceManager is its newer counterpart, and it works with all kinds of Estimote Beacons, so I’d recommend using that instead.