Proximity beacons hard to find and "Not connectible packet" in Estimote app


We made an application 2-3 months ago and it worked well. Now when we tried it again yesterday, discovering beacons was hard in our application. We opened the Estimote app and nothing works. When a beacon shows in the list (not always) and connect to it 4/5 we get “not connectible packet” error. Sometimes we even don’t find any beacon and restarting the estimote app + bluetooth “fixes” it, but still not all beacons are discovered and still “Not connectible packet”. Our problem is kind of the same as this one: “Not connectible packet” error message after firmware upgrade but we can’t find were to change the “basic mode” option?

Please fix this, we have a demo on monday to graduate!

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The “non connectible packet” is a bug in the Android app we’re aware of, working on fixing that. As a workaround, disabling Basic Power Mode helps.

As for the intermittent detection of your beacons—that’s a separate issue, not related to the “non connectible packet”. Can you let us know what Android device and Android OS version you’re using? Some Android devices are simply better at detecting Bluetooth peripherals, but we’ll double-check for any bugs in the SDK.