"Not connectible packet" error message after firmware upgrade

With the latest Android Estimote app v1.7.3, I tried updating a few of my beacons. The firmware upgrade stopped at 99% for several minutes. The app was frozen, didn’t go back, and was unresponsive. I killed the app. Now the beacons’ detail screen shows the message “Not connectible packet” and I cannot change any of the beacon’s settings.

The MAC addresses of my beacons in this state are:

Can you private message me your Estimote Account email?

Okay, we think we might know what’s going on. If you have Basic Power Mode enabled on your beacons, the Android app might sometimes show this “Not connectible packet” message. It’s usually enough to go back to the radar/list, wait a few seconds, and try again. We’re working on a proper fix, stay tuned.

Going back and forth doesn’t seem to work. Please fix. It’s really annoying that each new version introduces new problems…

Same problem here, did you manage to fix it?

No. I still have several “broken” beacons and Estimote seems to be doing nothing about it…

Asked the question again here: Proximity beacons hard to find and “Not connectible packet” in Estimote app
We have a demo monday and can’t show our application works like that.

Any news on this issue @heypiotr?

Still working on it—but as a workaround, we found that waiting for ~ 10 seconds on the radar/list before tapping the beacon helps. It gives the app enough time to discover the connectible packet.