Problem connecting to beacons


I have 3 estimote beacons that I was using. This morning I thought to upgrade the firmware from Estimote OS A3.0.1 and I ended up loosing all 3 of them. Now none of those appearing in estimote app.

I do not have an android device to try and locate them as suggested in few other threads.I am also not sure if the firware upgrade was successful or failed.

Do we have any alternate to make them work normal again?

When firmware update in our current-gen Proximity Beacons fails, they’re not lost, they simply require “resuming” the firmware update. Think: if you’re installing Windows/macOS and it fails, you simply need to restart the installation.

The only problem is, at this time, our iOS app stops showing beacons for which the firmware update was interrupted. A temporary workaround is to use our Android app, or to use our iOS SDK to restart the firmware update yourself. For the latter, the easiest way to go about it is to use our “Firmware Update Demo” from the SDK Examples:

Just download the Xcode project, add your App ID and Token (you can generate these on in the AppDelegate, and then build and run the examples on your device.

PS: we learned our lesson here, and our newest Location Beacons with Estimote’s 4th generation firmware feature a dual-bank firmware update process—if it’s interrupted, the firmware will be restored from the backup memory bank.