Problem connecting to beacon (firmware 3.2.0)

Hi everyone,

I am upgrading the firmware to the latest version (3.2.0) from a previous one (3.0.x) using the Estimote Android App.

With a previous version of the app the process was smooth and I upgraded 1 beacon without problems.Using the actual versione of the Android App, I update the firmware correctly but when I try to reconnect to the beacon (e.g. to change the format) I am not able to do that.

The error I see using the Android Monitor is this:
Unhandled exception in callback
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong version format: m�WkU%�nF��0@�
at com.estimote.sdk.connection.settings.Version.fromString(

Thank you for your help.


Can you let us know the MAC address of that beacon?

Hey Piotr!
Sorry to bother you, I tested today with your application and it is working. The phone is able to connect to the beacons.

What do you think it could be the problem?

Hah, glad to hear that! Not sure yet what the problem was—can you private message me your Estimote Account email and the MAC address of the beacon that didn’t work yesterday? We’ll try to look into it.