Number of caused advertisement callbacks per scan cycle


From my Estimote beacon I receive only one callback per scan cycle (I use Samsung Galaxy S4, Android API level 18 only, no Estimote SDK, advertisement interval 100ms, scan cycle 10s) while I receive 80-90 callbacks from a beacon of a different vendor. I assume this is because Estimote advertisements are connectable while the others are non-connectable. I could simply start/stop shorter scan cycles repeatedly to receive more callbacks in the same time, but is there a way to make Estimote advertisements non-connectable (undirected advertising events)?


You can reduce the frequency with which connectable packets are being sent by enabling the Basic Power Mode. There’s no way to make the packets permanently non-connectable though.

Note that this behavior (just one connectable packet reported for a single cycle) is device-dependant. For example, Nexus 4 works the exact same way as the S4, but Nexus 5 (and most modern Android devices, from our experience) reports every single packet received.