Enable non connectable advertisement packets


I am using Estimote proximity beacons. I need help on how to enable non connectable advertisement packets. This is needed as part of our new mobile application for indoor positioning. Thanks in advance.


Hi @kamutc!

You can enable advertising packets in 2 ways:

  1. You can enable it with our Estimote app (Android or iOS). Once you install it, go to Devices section and connect to the device on which you would like to enable broadcasting packets. When the connection is established, you are able to configure them, not only in terms of enabling/disabling but also adjusting Advertising Interval or Transmit Power.

  2. You can use our Estimote SDK (Android or iOS). You can find the links below:
    iOS: https://github.com/Estimote/iOS-SDK
    Android: https://github.com/Estimote/Android-SDK
    There you can find some quickstarts with instruction how to enable broadcasting packets.