Notification without App


I am new to developing apps for IOS. Is it possible to send notification to iOS device without having ibeacon enabled app installed on the device. The idea is to Notify the user to download the App as her enters the store/region/zone.


Hi Anand,

To receive any kind of notification you need to have compatible app installed on your device. Beacons are just sending radio signal, it's an app that triggers the content that it displayed on the mobile device screen.

We can use Physical web right?
I think there is no need to use an app, Instead we can go with the chrome.
chrome has an in build physical web. So we can use it i hope ( I am not sure about this)

Yes, with the introduction of Nearby Notifications and Physical Web, Google Play Services can now do the beacon scanning part instead of an app, and show notifications you define via Google’s Beacon Dashboard. I guess the only note is, an app still gives you much better control over the notification. For example, Nearby Notifications don’t actually make a sound/buzz, and there’s no way to change that at this time.

Hey @heypiotr, we are interested in the push notifications feature of the beacons and their ability to send links to devices which have no apps installed.
However, are there any legal issues to be considered while implementing the same? Like privacy issues for example?

What you’re talking about are Physical Web & Nearby Notifications features of Chrome & Android, so all the privacy/terms-of-use matters are actually on Google, and I’m sure they have it covered :slight_smile:

Also, remember that these feature are opt-in.