Notification APP displaying attachments from Estimote Cloud

Hi, we are new to estimote beacons and we would like to request help on how to integrate and display attachments from estimote cloud inside the notification app.

We would like to manage the attachments directly from the estimote cloud, using an url (landing page or image).
Basically we would like that each time the app/user is near a beacon, the app will notify the user with a message and a sound alert (function that already works with the Notification app) and once clicked to open the app we would like to display, to users, the attachments of that particular beacon (attachments that we previously created on estimote cloud)

Please can you help on how to achieve this?

We could not get attachments from estimote cloud to be displayed in the app, either the proximity or notification demo version.

Best Regards

Can you share a little bit more about what you’ve tried so far, which specific parts of your code don’t seem to do their job, etc.? Maybe share some code snippets as well. The more specific the question/problem, the easier it is to help, and that means the higher the chance you’ll get help (:

Dear Piotr Krawiec, thank you for your prompt support, sorry to get back a little late.
Basically what we have created an app from Estimote Cloud, the notifications app for android, downloaded it and installed on android phone. (samsung Galxy S8), once installed the app requires the bluetooth and GPS on, if we get near the beacon we recieve the notification in the notification panel, that if is clicked opens up the app.
Once the app is open we would like to display the content of the attachments.
Let’s say we add an attachment (from the estimote cloud - beacon ice)
key: discount

Can we display one or more images directly inside the app content?
The image in the content should be displayed when the smartphone is near the beacon, and for each beacon the app should display the attachments created in the cloud.

How can we achive this? Is it possible?

Reagrding the code, we have changed only the text of the message dispalyed once the app and the beacon enter or exit the region, we did not add or modify the code at all.

We also tried the proximity app, but that one do not recieve notifications and display only the static content (beacon image + title + subtile) that is allready present in the app itself.

How attachments works?

Best Regards

The beacon attachments are provided to you in the onEnter event, see this example code from our tutorial:

You’ve got the onEnter event, and in it you have the context, and in that context you can do context.getAttachments().get("desk-owner") to get the “desk-owner” attachment.

So in your case, you’d get the “discount” attachment, download the image from that URL, and show it in an Android ImageView.

Dear Piotr Krawiec, thank you for your help, sorry to get back late, we will try, we are also testing GoodBarber CMS to mange the app and the attachments for the notifications

Best Regards