Estimote Cloud send images


I am thinking of implementing iBeacons in my app. However I would like to make sure if my needs could be accomplished through usage of iBeacons.

I would want iBeacons to send images to my app. In my research I heard that it is possible through using Estimote Cloud. However I have signed up and don’t see any place that I could send images from Cloud when iPhone detects a certain iBeacons. Is my research correct? or is there another way (I know that you can just save the images in the phone but I want to use cloud since I don’t want to update my app every time just to change the images.) .

Also I would like to use the sent images and use existing photos that I took in my app and display it on one view controller. Would that be possible?

I really want to make sure that iBeacon technology is right for me. Thank you

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Hey Kenty,

Estimote Cloud is a tool for beacon management. We do not offer a CMS at this point, because we believe in delivering kick-ass tools for lower layers of the stack (beacon hardware, SDK, security etc.). At the same time, we’re leaving the CMS space for 3rd part platforms that use our technology to deliver easy-to-use tools for creating beacon-based experiences.

So if you already have Estimote Beacons and are looking for a good CMS tools, I’d suggest checking out Rover ( and Pushmote (


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