Can't fetch my beacon attachments in iOS-Proximity-SDK


I am using iOS-Proximity-SDK 0.14.0 and I can able to add listener for my beacons using tag. But in onEnter/onChange completion handler i am not getting beacon attachments inside my context. I have properly configured beacon attachment in cloud. Tag and deviceIdentifier are available in context, only beacon attachments is nil. I can get my beacons attachment when I do curl of get attachments API. I am not getting this in iOS-Proximity-SDK alone.

Kindly help me to fix this.




I’m having the same kind of issue even I post on the Github page of the iOS Proximity SDK, I’m in middle of development and this issue is causing a great delay for our delivery, I hope and expect a fast response from Estimote because the SDK is falling to fetch the cloud that even in Android SDK is having the issue.

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Fixed :slight_smile: