New estimote proximity sdk won't fetch devices from cloud

we’re using beacons with versions:

  • Firmware: 4.12
  • hardware G1.12
    Attempt to use new proximity sdk with settings from estimote guides and git hub guides leads me to problem:

Error Domain=EPXProximityObserverErrorDomain Code=2 "No devices fetched from Cloud have attachments matching defined zones."
UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=No devices fetched from Cloud have attachments matching defined zones., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Visit and verify beacon attachments.

Befor this I configured beacons via estimote app and in addition added some attachments to each of 3 beacons.
Nevertheless, i receive an error before. Want to point that background settings for bluetooth is enabled as per guide and double checked my settings.

What could lead to this issue and how can I solve it?

Does anybody from tech support plan to answer on that?

Hey @Pavel_Mosunov

  1. What version of Proximity SDK are you using?
  2. Are you sure you set beacon attachments and not tags? The proper way to set them is described in Proximity SDK example section.
  3. Could you share the snippets where you define zones (EPXProximityZone objects) in your app? It’s possible that you made a typo in the attachmentKey & attachmentValue parameters, so the strings defined in the app’s code don’t fit the ones you’ve entered in Estimote Cloud.

Hello @airalex

  1. I use pod EstimoteProximitySDK v.0.10 as I see from Git Hub (master branch)
  2. Yes, I’m sure that I set up attachments as in your Guide it’s clear enough via screenshot
    Tags are set via estimote app as well.
  3. I’m sure that there were correct attachmentKey and Value as I’m just copied them from
    Here a code snippet but without attachment KVP as I take this code from old commit, currently this code parts removed.

let zone = EPXProximityZone(range: EPXProximityRange(desiredMeanTriggerDistance: 3.0)!,
attachmentKey: copiedFromCloudBeaconAttachmentKey,
attachmentValue: copiedFromCloudBeaconAttachmentValue)

    zone.onEnterAction = { attachment in
        print("testEntrance closest zone with UID: \(attachment.deviceIdentifier)")
   zone.onChangeAction = { attachment in
        print("changed closest zone: \( { $0.payload["copiedFromCloudBeaconAttachmentKey"]})")
    zone.onExitAction = { attachment in
        print("exit beacon: \(attachment.deviceIdentifier)")