Unable to View/Trace/Search Estimate Stickers

###Error message: “There are no other locations owned by”

###I am not able to track any of the 10 Estimote stickers in Indoor Location app.


why is this happenning ?

![image](upload://eAxc6fZ2gR9ceEZE7gb7tks7wUB.png) The stickers are less than one meter. What went wrong?

###steps I had done:

  • Stickers are close less than a meter.
  • Logged in Estimote account in the app.
  • IPhone’s & IPod’s Bluetooth is switched on.
  • 4 stickers were set to private, 6 are in public mode.

I had done that too.
##Searching for nearables
You can also use the search function to find any your/public nearables.
To search for nearables:

  1. open Estimote Indoor Location app
  2. log into your Estimote Account
  3. tap the magnifier icon in the top right corner
  4. type the name of the nearable you’re looking for into the search box
  5. tap on the nearable when it appears on the list of nearables
    matching your query

##If stickers are traceable. why I cannot track them on the app. What am I missing?
###Please help me.

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Indoor Location SDK
Is the indoor location supported by nearables and same as in the app?
is map creation only achieved with Beacons because of UUID?

You need to use Proximity or Location Beacons first to map the location. And then, the app will use the Proximity/Location Beacons on the walls to track your (x,y) position, and keep scanning for your Stickers at the same time, adding them to the map.

See this page for a short comparison of Stickers, and Proximity and Location Beacons:

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Thank you. Sorry for the delay, I am not sure why I do not get notifications sent over the email…
I noticed a feature using one “virtual beacon” on ios Estimote app.
However, that did not create the map because the location range was bigger requiring 4 beacons.
What is the minimum number of beacons that is required to add a location on an indoor location app?

The minimum number of beacons depends on the size of the space, but it’s always at least 1 per wall—so e.g., in a square space ~ 15 m x 15 m, you’d need 4 beacons. In larger spaces, the app will tell you how many beacons to use and what would be their optimal positioning.

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