Tracking sticker beacons position in long range location beacons

I’ve watched a video finding sticker position in location beacons space.
In similar use case, Can we track xy postion of moving sticker beacons in a space with multiple long range location beacons and an iphone(the phone stay fixed)?

Hi @11117!

If you are interested in asset tracking you might consider using Estimote Indoor Location a together with Estimote Stickers. This means mapping the space with Location Beacons and placing stickers on items of interest.

Our Indoor Location SDK allows for mapping and tracking the location of the user. We’re using beacon signal for that, but we also developed smart algorithms for noise reduction that help us stabilize Bluetooth signal to provide the best possible experience. If you want to try it out, you can easily map your room with our Indoor Location app or with iOS SDK: How to set up a location in Estimote Indoor Location?

You can use Estimote Stickers to track objects with Estimote Indoor Location. Keep in mind, you need to have a mobile device in the range of a sticker to get the updated position. Learn more about implementing it here.

Hello @arek.

Can you clear my question? My original question is tracking xy of moving stickers with an iphone fixed in a position.