Need detailed instructions or documentation for using Estimote UWB SDK with beacons

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased some Estimote UWB beacons and I’m excited to start using them in my Android project. However, I’m facing some difficulties in getting started with the Estimote UWB SDK and utilizing its features effectively.

I have integrated the Estimote UWB SDK into my Android Studio project by adding the necessary .aar file in the build.gradle file. However, I’m unsure about the next steps and how to properly use the SDK to detect the beacons and leverage their capabilities.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with detailed instructions or documentation on how to use the Estimote UWB SDK effectively. Specifically, I’m looking for guidance on:

  1. Initializing the SDK and setting up the necessary dependencies.
  2. Detecting and identifying the UWB beacons in the vicinity.
  3. Extracting relevant data from the beacons (e.g., uuid, minor,).
  4. Any additional features or best practices for working with the Estimote UWB beacons.

I’ve gone through the official Estimote documentation, but I’m still struggling to fully grasp the implementation details and best practices. If anyone has experience with the Estimote UWB SDK or can point me in the right direction to find more detailed resources, I would be extremely grateful.

I haven’t started on the Android sdk yet, but I expect that the ios/android sdk’s are symetrical…

there are only 3 calls…

Manager=EstimoteManager (3 callback functions, )

everything else is hidden

you get a callback at discover time,
a callback at positioning
a callback at ranging

they provided a sample app (in the IOS sdk) which handled that much

the positioning callback will have the rssi, … but optionally the vector, which is the angles from the UWB fed out from the IOS support… u don’t see the actual data sent from the beacon, its processed by the nearby interaction support in IOS…

Looking at the android sdk it seems similar…

i am running into configuration issues can you provide me with the steps you did to make it run (IOS or android)?

on IOS you add the framework to your app in xcode.

look at the sample app in xcode.

I haven’t got to the android sdk, as my beacons are downlevel and can’t be upgraded…

also, you have to add bluetooth, location and Nearby interaction to the app info.plist

the sample cheats because if you don’t provide a plist, then it will prompt on use
if you DO provide a plist then it will only prompt for the ones you supply

also, you should have received a 3 page pdf on using the android SDK.

thanks for your response.
and one more thing, do you have any idea if the UWB beacons can be detected without usind their sdk like using any beacon detection package or when using any other navigation sdk?

no, they cannot… they are not advertising until their sdk enables them

if you use the sdk and startScanning, then u can see the devices in apps like nrfConnect

I can’t verify or dispute the “enabled them” aspect. However, once enabled by the SDK, you CAN discover and get range/heading using only native iOS frameworks (CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation, and NearbyInteraction).

or let the SDK call you back with info…no need to do both SDK and core by yourself… that is what the SDK does