UWB Beacon Angles

Hello Everyone!, I hope everyone is doing well, i have 2 questions regarding the UWB Beacon SDK,

  1. Is the UWB Beacon SDK available for android for the newer beacons

  2. How does the UWB Beacon SDK work for IOS in terms of finding the angle of the beacon similar to the Estimote UWB app on IOS, how does it give an error pointing towards the beacon

Currently i was able to get the beacon to work on Xcode and IOS but i have no idea how to use it and i don’t have documentation for the SDK if anyone does can help id appreciate it

We have just updated our iOS UWB SDK on Github and it’s here: GitHub - Estimote/iOS-Estimote-UWB-SDK: iOS SDK and demo app for Estimote UWB Beacons

Per our documentation the angle/orientation is returned as a vector:

func didUpdatePosition(for device: EstimoteUWBDevice)
print(“Distance: (device.publicIdentifier)”)

print(“Distance: (device.distance)”)

if let vector = device.vector
print(“X orientation: (vector.x)”)
print(“Y orientation: (vector.y)”)
print(“Z orientation: (vector.z)”)

Please note angle will work on iPhone 11, 12, 13 because they have multiple UWB antennas.
On iPhone 14 and newer you need to enable CameraAssist.

and just fyi to anyone, camera assist is terrible for some use cases. it doesn’t work for us.