UWB Android SDK Missing

I just got UWB beacons from Estimote but I didn’t get information regarding UWB Android SDK and also I think there is no sample app for Android. How can I get access to UWB Android SDK?

Also can I use these beacons with App that I might develop myself using Android Jetpack library? If yes, how to configure these beacons so that I can look for these beacons using Nearby Android APIs and then start UWB session?

Please help me with this.


send a message to contact@estimote.com

the sdk is not ‘released’ yet

there is not a sample app in the 1st two release candidate packages (rc1, rc2).
i doubt you can use jetpack. Estimote provides a binary library (aar) that encapsulates their functioning
(same as on IOS). the beacons do not power on until the SDK tells them to … (to save power I assume)

I have a similar system design for a bt device…