Using the SDK with UWB location beacons

Hi there,

I’ve just bought a set of the UWB location beacons.

I’ve had a quick search but I can’t see any information about how to actually auto create locations using the SDK and UWB beacons? I’ve seen something mentioning using the Estimote Location demo app, but I’m interested to know how I do this for myself using the SDK/app?



At this time, we don’t have a public SDK that’d expose the auto-mapping technology. Mostly because we don’t really expect many people to be interested in that—most treat auto-mapping as a tool that Estimote provides to set up Indoor Location, which they can then consume with the Indoor SDK for the (x,y) positioning.

What kind of an app you’d be looking to build with auto-mapping? Just your own deployment tool? Or do you have something else in mind? (You can hit me in a private message if you’d rather not discuss this in public.)

Thanks Piotr!

OK, that makes sense. I hadn’t realised that locations created with the Estimote app using UWB are just “standard” locations we can consume later on.

This is actually OK for us in the short term, but I can imagine some situations where it would be preferable for users to package this inside their own app. To take a hypothetical example, imagine a company which builds apps for events. If the event decided to setup beacons themselves, then they would have to use an Estimote branded app, instead of the app branded by the company they’re working with. Not the end of the world, but something worth mentioning.

Thanks again for your reply!

That definitely makes sense, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

We are also looking for the same. We have developed an iOS app that will fetch floorplan from estimote cloud. Is there any option to create the floorplan inside our app instead of using the IndoorApp.

I’m working on similar project. Exposed SDK for auto-mapping would be very helpful!