Android Studio Kotlin UWB beacon

How to write UWB beacon using Android Studio software Kotlin?
I want to display the distance (meters) of the beacon in the App. What SDK is recommended?

It seems the beacons you have are our 2017 Location Beacons w/ UWB.
This was the first generation of UWB beacons where UWB was only used for auto-mapping.

These beacons are not compatible with UWB-enabled phones since UWB-enabled phones
were introduced in 2019 (iPhone 11).

In order to be able to range with modern phone over UWB (iPhone 11 or Android 14) please obtain our new Estimote UWB Beacons Estimote UWB Beacons

It should be noted however that one should expect no support nor documentation when ordering these beacons, only if lucky the hardware and after some time of frequently asking via email the “SDKs” (not in source code form however) without instructions. At least this is our sad experience so far. Up to this day, we are waiting for the necessary firmware update as well as an instruction to get things going on Android as well as iOS in background mode.

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We apologize for your experience. New iOS SDK was published on our Github here:

There is much better documentation - feel free to provide any feedback.