Configuration without Cloud


For a project we plan to deploy Estimotes to localize people on a big site.

It’s a big site, and we have no internet coveradge. No 4G, Wifi, …

As we need to place the beacons on site, and adjust the signal range on its final position,

  • Is there a way to configure Estimotes beacons without the cloud ?
  • If we develop an App with the SDK, does the SDK requires an internet connection with to works ?

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Hi @blinier,

  • you can’t configure the beacons without being connected to the Estimote cloud. Estimote synchronizes the beacons with the cloud and verifies the settings.
    For example, you can’t put the same UUID+major+minor values on two different beacons, Estimote verifies it with the cloud.

What can you do? If it’s for a short time event, setup your beacons on a place where you have a connection with the maximum range, and after bring them to the final location.

  • you can develop an Android/iOS app’ using the Estimote SDKs and without being connected to Internet, but you won’t be able to access features like Secure UUID, connection to the beacons, …
    However, you will be able to use the ranging, monitoring and (maybe, I’m not sure) the Indoor Location SDK to localize precisely.

Hi Ximun,

Thanks for your reply,