My sad experience with Estimote Location UWB Beacon

I am a mobile app developer and my customer wanted to use an indoor navigation. Estimote Location UWB Beacon were chosen because of the many repositories on their github, which should help to customize these devices to your needs.

I tested 4 repositories: Unity3D-Indoor-Example, Android-Indoor-SDK, iOS-Indoor-SDK, Robotics-Indoor-SDK.

  1. To begin with, I had to register these devices manually by chatting off with estimote support.

  2. The official map creation application estimote doesn’t work.

  3. Robot navigation can work only 30 minutes!

  4. Repositories contain many errors. They have not been updated for 2-3 years yet. I cannot remember them all, screenshots with descriptions are below.

  1. Support doesn’t work on the forum. My post is still unanswered:…/10774. By mail I got answer: "We can assist with software development. The cost of such a service is around $15,000.”