Ordering Beacons for Reserach Purposes

We are looking for a reliable system of indoor tracking beacons that we can easily setup and tear down for indoor user research in varying locations. We plan to perform multiple studies in varying locations, so the system must be relatively easy to setup, and allow us to transport and set it up in other locations rather easily as well.

As far as we can see the Estimote system seems very handy for this, but we were wondering how big the added benefit of the UWB Location Beacons is. Does it drastically increase the ease of setting up location tracking?

Our study starts relatively soon, however there is no clear indication on shipping duration for UWB / Regular Location Beacons. Could anyone tell us how much it would cost / how long it would take to ship 25 - 30 UWB / Regular Location Beacons to The Netherlands?

Kind Regards,

Wilco Boode