MQTT activation

Dear All,

do anyone know how to start MQTT in beacon?


You don’t have MQTT on beacons.

CoAP possible? I have a IoT broker that collect data from IoT devices for other visualisations and reports.
Could you advice some idea how can I use it?

You need to specify what beacons do you have in mind.
Proximity beacons are simple Bluetooth devices without IP stack, so HTTP(S)/MQTT/CoAP/etc. is not possible there.
LTE/AI Beacons are equipped with LTE modem and they can send data to the Cloud. You need to write a microApp for them that will collect data events and then it will send them to Estimote Cloud. On Estimote Cloud they will be processed by another piece of JavaScript code that can redirect them to your backend.
Direct use of HTTP(s)/MQTT/CoAP is not possible directly on LTE/AI Beacon, but it might be possible to do in Estimote Cloud.