MQTT or TCP in Cloud Code for LTE Beacon


I would like to use the LTE Beacon events to send a message to a software running on a local computer.

I would like to solve this either by sending to a MQTT server or by sending a TCP packet.

Does anyone have experience with solving this using the Cloud Code for the LTE Beacon?

My current idea is to either have the software listen to a certain port for TCP packets or have the software subscribe to a topic on a mqtt server. Although I am open for alternative solutions.

You can periodically query endpoint from your local computer to get events. I think this would be the simplest solution, but not very fast and resource consuming.
You can use MQTT broker (there are some MQTT Cloud solutions) and publish from Cloud code and subscribe from local computer. However this still requires configuring a broker.
TCP does not provide a convenient way to divide data into packets, you need to do it yourself. Also you would have to to set up some kind of a public relay server or tunnel to you local computer because Estimote Cloud will need to connect to it.

Thank you.

Not ideal, but it works.

I went with creating a script which runs on the local computer which queries device events periodically and send an mqtt packet using Paho-MQTT.